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What Can I Expect?

The treatment of a sleep disorder, like any other medical condition, requires an initial evaluation to assess what the most likely sleep disorder may be. Once this is determined, the sleep physician may order a test to confirm the diagnosis. Sleep tests usually require an overnight stay in our facility. During this time you will be monitored by our certified staff as you sleep. A large amount of data will be collected about your sleep patterns then analyzed in detail. A report is generated by the sleep physician. Once the report is available, the final diagnosis and treatment plan will be discussed with you during a follow-up visit, either by the referring physician or the sleep specialist at the center. Further recommendations for treatment will be based on these findings.

Frequently Asked Questions related to Sleep Studies

What happens when I get there?

Upon arriving at our sleep center, you will be introduced to all the features of our facility. We will ask you to complete some paperwork, and your insurance copayment will be collected. Next you will change into your sleep clothes if you are not already dressed for bed. Your sleep technologist will explain the procedure and prepare you for bed. You will have wires or electrodes placed on your head, face, neck, chest, legs, and hand to measure your brain waves, heart rhythm and rate, respiration, blood-oxygen level, and movements. These will be secured with a gel/cream adhesive, tape, gauze, or cotton. The whole procedure takes about one hour.

How do I sleep with all those wires?

While the wires can seem a bit cumbersome at first, most patients are surprised at how easily they are able to fall asleep. It's these wires that will give us all of the necessary information to find out what is happening behind the scenes physiologically as you sleep.

Do I have to go right to sleep when I get there?

We try to keep our appointment times as close to your normal sleep time as possible. Some patients find it beneficial to read or listen to music prior to sleeping. However, this test is comprehensive and we are limited in the amount of time that you are asleep. The more sleep time you have, the more data we have. And the more data we have, the more accurate the test result.

Are there TV's in the rooms?

Unfortunately, there are no televisions in the individual sleep rooms. The sound and light generated by the TV affects the results of the study. We have a television in the waiting area for use before and after your test.

What if I need to use the restroom during the night?

If you need to use the restroom or get out of bed for any reason during the night, a technician will assist you. Although there are many wires, they all attach at a central connection to the monitoring device. The technician can easily attach and detach the wires at the connection, giving you the ability to move about the office freely.

How many people will be there with me and will I have my own room?

We are an accredited facility and carry a 2-to-1 patient-staff ratio. There can be up to 4 other patients and up to 4 staff members here with you during your test. Each patient has his/her own room.

Can someone stay with me?

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible while you are here in our office, and we can accommodate a companion if you need one. You can make arrangements to have someone stay in your room with you or in a separate room. But for the accuracy of your study, that person cannot sleep in the same bed.

What happens while I sleep?

While you sleep, the wires attached to your skin send signals to the computer. Your technician monitors these signals to ensure accurate recording, and to document variances or changes in the signals throughout the night.

What are you looking for in this test?

There are a number of sleep disorders we can detect during a sleep study. These include sleep walking, REM Behavior Disorder, Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, obesity hypoventilation, and many other conditions. Most patients who visit the Zeeba Sleep Center are here for sleepiness related to possible Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS).

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS)?

OSAS occurs because when we sleep, we lose muscle tone. This causes the tissues in your mouth, nose, and throat to collapse into your airway. As you try to breathe against these tissues, they vibrate. This is what causes snoring. The greater the vibration, the louder and more often you snore. If the tissues block enough of the airway, your breathing can be significantly reduced or even stopped. These episodes may last a few seconds or a few minutes, and can repeat many times throughout the night. You to wake up briefly, resume normal breathing, fall back to sleep, and start the cycle again. Most people aren't even aware they're having breathing problems or waking up.

Does OSAS have serious consequences?

Yes. The repeated awakening causes daytime sleepiness, fatigue and even short-term memory problems. The lack of breathing can also lead to heart, lung and brain problems, including heart attacks and strokes.
Snoring Sleep Apnea Sleep Disorder
Zeeba Sleep Center treats all sleep disorders including sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs, and narcolepsy. Call (702) 242-1562 to schedule an appointment. Sleep disorders are a normally covered medical benefit under almost all insurance plans.
Why Choose Zeeba Sleep Center?
Not all sleep centers are created equal. A sleep disorder usually requires ongoing management and support. It is essential to choose a facility that is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and have board-certified sleep physicians providing comprehensive sleep diagnostic and treatment services. A sleep study is only one component of diagnosing and managing sleep disorders. A comprehensive sleep-focused approach is required to successfully diagnose and manage sleep disorders. Zeeba Sleep Center is committed to providing this level of service to its patients in a comfortable, professional environment. Get treated right the first time: Choose Zeeba Sleep Center.