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Zeeba Sleep Center
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Zeeba Sleep Center
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Zeeba Sleep Center offers a Comprehensive Patient Care Program for the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of patients with sleep disorders.

  • The Sleep Evaluation & Consultation can be obtained to evaluate and manage the potential sleep disorder, or a sleep study may be ordered directly by the referring physician. Indications will be evaluated to ensure that the appropriate study is performed.
  • The patient then sleeps overnight in the sleep center or performs a home based sleep study. Upon completion, the data received is compiled into a report. Dependent on the results of the first sleep study, a second study will be ordered if needed.
  • A comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan is completed that includes both the diagnostic and therapeutic components. The center will facilitate the entire process to ensure that the patient is set up with the appropriate equipment if required. The referring physican is notified of all the findings and treatment recommendations.
  • To assure optimal outcomes, the patient's progress is monitored through the course of treatment by the sleep center's patient core coordination team. This includes coordination of care with the referring physician, the medical equipment company (if appropriate), the patient, and any other care providers.
Our Services
  • Sleep Evaluation & Consultation
  • Comprehensive Sleep Disorder Testing
  • Comprehensive Care Program
  • Follow-up Care Program
Snoring Sleep Apnea Sleep Disorder
Zeeba Sleep Center treats all sleep disorders including sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs, and narcolepsy. Call (702) 242-1562 to schedule an appointment. Sleep disorders are a normally covered medical benefit under almost all insurance plans.
Why Choose Zeeba Sleep Center?
Not all sleep centers are created equal. A sleep disorder usually requires ongoing management and support. It is essential to choose a facility that is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and have board-certified sleep physicians providing comprehensive sleep diagnostic and treatment services. A sleep study is only one component of diagnosing and managing sleep disorders. A comprehensive sleep-focused approach is required to successfully diagnose and manage sleep disorders. Zeeba Sleep Center is committed to providing this level of service to its patients in a comfortable, professional environment. Get treated right the first time: Choose Zeeba Sleep Center.